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Six Pack & Cigarettes

I decided at the last minute that I wanted to go out for the night last night and have some drinks. For some reason I had not heard from any of my friends, so I picked up my phone and started making phone calls. I had left several messages and finally got a call back an hour later.

My friend Jon was having a party at his house and told me to come on by to play some cards. I stopped at the store to grab a six pack and some cigarettes to last me for the night.

There were more cars parked at his house then usual, I walked in the house and was shocked to see that there was a house full of girls hanging out too. I made eye contact with a beautiful blonde that I wanna fuck and asked her for her phone number, we hung out the rest of the night.

The Search for the Perfect IT job

It was just another ad really for one of those PC schools you hear on the radio, that don’t supply adequate training and promise job prospects. It was a little slow at the beginning, but I had quite a few clients in escort web design, so this wasn’t really the school for me. In fact, I think I am better off just enrolling in one of the programs at a local community college where I can get federal funding like a Pell Grant or subsidized student loans. So many places to get clients these days, like Fiverr, freelancer, craigslist, mTurk, oDesk. The list continues, but the dream is competitive. You’re dealing with demanding clients and a large pool of highly educated and motivated workers overseas that will work for about 1/10th of what is the going rate in the United States. Of course, there is always the language barrier and asking for resubmission, which are reduced with me.

A Night To Never Forget

Jenny was always shy in the world of relationships. She had a few boyfriends in school, but they were never anything serious. Jenny started doubting herself, making her even more shy. She wasn’t much for going out because she felt even more awkward out in the world.

Luckily, one of her friends was telling her one day about a gay sex dating site she signed up for where you meet people. Jenny was skeptical at first because she didn’t think it was very safe. At the same time she felt a little ashamed. However, her curiosity finally got the best of her and she joined the site.

She started talking to a man that messaged her and the sparks flew instantly. They talked for a few weeks before they finally went out on a date. He took her to a music festival and they both shared a night they would never forget.

Rubbed the Right Way

It had been that type of a day. I forgot my cell phone. The train was packed. I was jostled by a careless elbow in a spot reserved for those nearest and dearest. I ran into a café for coffee, then spilled it on my white shirt. It rained. Then it rained more. The boss’s mood was fouler than the weather. My assistant was out. A client presentation was moved up. This was 10 A.M. Things went downhill from there.

Skirting puddles on the way home, I decided to treat myself to a massage. Finding a casual sex London institution was easy. I was welcomed with tea, a kind word, and relaxing music. Massage choices ranged from hot stone to Swedish.

As I lay back on the table, knowledgeable hands worked the kinks out of my body and psyche. Calmed and centered, I was truly rubbed the right way.

Much Needed Romance

My fuck buddy called me to his house last night and told me that he had a little surprise for me. I thought that it was kind of strange because he usually doesn’t call me on a week night because of work.

When I walked in the door, he had the lights dimmed, candles burning and slow music was playing off in the distance. He grabbed my hand and walked me to a nicely decorated table and asked me to sit down with him for dinner. He makes the best Mexican food and he makes it all from scratch, it takes hours to prepare.

When we finished dinner, watched a couple of movies that he rented and snuggled up by his fireplace and fell asleep for the night. I am not sure what got into him but he provided me with a much needed romantic night.

Avoid a lonely evening in

A business colleague told me that he travels often for meetings. Throughout his travels he’s made a few friends over there, but his best friends he met through an escort agency. When I returned to London for my second week of meetings, I contacted an agency for Nottingham escorts to connect with a new friend as well. A foreign city is an intimidating place when you do not know anyone, and I was tired of sitting around my hotel room. My new friend and I went to a quiet restaurant in the West End before taking in a show. It was so comforting having someone to discuss the show with over a drink. For the first time in my travels I didn’t feel alone, even if I was halfway around the world.

How Lucky Am I?

I still cannot believe what happened to me last weekend! It was my 23rd birthday and all my friends pitched in to rent two hotel rooms that we all stayed at for the entire weekend. The first night we were there, we hit up the clubs, all the hot spots and lived life to the fullest. But, on the second night I had more fun than I ever thought I could have. My best friend in the world hired a man from Leicester escorts to go out to the clubs with me that night. The man I met up with was extremely handsome and had a smile to die for. I am still in awe about how amazing he looked and how lucky I was to have scored such an awesome date. I don’t care if he was an escort, he was still my date that night and I got to show him off to the entire city!

The Most Important Hindu Festival

Diwali, otherwise known as “the festival of the lights”, is one of the most important Hindu festivals. This highly anticipated festival is a one day event. Taking place in autumn, the festival of the lights is highly awaited. This is a basic celebration of the return of the Hindu king, Lord Rama. Not only is this festival celebrating Lord Rama, it is celebrating Sita and Lakshmana. The fun loving spirit surrounding this Hindu festival of the lights is rampant. The festival displays spiritual significance as well as emotional significance. Although known commonly between people as the festival of the lights, Diwali’s real meaning is “the awareness of the inner light”. Many celebrate with music, hindi phone sex, food, and dance. There are always fireworks commemorating Diwaili festival of the lights (the awareness of the inner light) that the people always enjoy.